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Dependable Systems Group

The Dependable Systems Group, within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, is lead by Prof. Eng. Liviu Miclea, Ph.D. The group focuses on the analysis, design, implementation and testing of intelligent real-time control and monitoring systems using artificial intelligence techniques (intelligent agents, fuzzy logic, data mining, etc.).

The Intelligent Systems Group

The Intelligent Systems Group within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is lead by Prof. Ioan Alfred Letia, Ph.D. The main areas of intrest are: norm compliance (verifying business processes against norm compliance and quality standards), support for dispute resolution for Small and Medium Enterprises in case of contract breach, semantic-based business process re-engineering, Decision Support…


IDS – Intelligent Distributed Systems Research Group

The Intelligent Distributed Systems Research Group at the University of Craiova is lead by Prof. Costin Badica, PhD. The group's research interest covers a hybrid palette of methods and techniques derived from classical artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, and intelligent agents. Distributed systems contain loosely-coupled components running on networked computers that communicate and coordinate their actions by message transfer. The new generation of intelligent distributed systems is expected to pose special challenges of adaptation and fruitful combination of results of both areas.