The Center for Computational Linguistics

The Center of Computational Linguistics, lead by Prof. Liviu Dinu, Ph.D. and Prof. Emil Ionescu, Ph.D., is a multi-disciplinary research area that addresses the automatic processing of human language for a range of tasks. We are a high-level research center inside the University of Bucharest, with our members having gained experience (as graduates, PhD, master students, or full employees) from the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.


IDS – Intelligent Distributed Systems Research Group

The Intelligent Distributed Systems Research Group at the University of Craiova is lead by Prof. Costin Badica, PhD. The group's research interest covers a hybrid palette of methods and techniques derived from classical artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, and intelligent agents. Distributed systems contain loosely-coupled components running on networked computers that communicate and coordinate their actions by message transfer. The new generation of intelligent distributed systems is expected to pose special challenges of adaptation and fruitful combination of results of both areas.


Knowledge Engineering Group

The Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG), lead by Prof. Rodica Potolea, PhD, is addressing problems for knowledge extraction, representation, storage and management that the information era has brought in various segments of human activity due to data overload.

The main fundamental theoretical aspects our group focuses on are: dealing with problem-specific features extraction from both structured data, pre-processing techniques for handling noisy and/or incomplete data, learning from balanced/unbalanced and structured/unstructured data.


AIWO 2013: The AI-MAS Winter Olympics

AIWO 2013: The AI-MAS Winter Olympics is an event is centered around an artificial intelligence competition and focuses on sharing viewpoints and
experience between researchers in the AI community, February 23, 2013, Bucharest, Romania.

BONSAI: Bridging Organisations and National Societies in Artificial Intelligence

BONSAI: Bridging Organisations and National Societies in Artificial Intelligence is a partnership building activity that brings together participants from France (AFIA), Greece (EETN), Romania (ARIA), Spain (ACIA) and private organisations, aiming at enhancing the transnational cooperation of young innovators in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Taking place near Bran, Romania, on July 24-31, 2013,…